Lozan Stefanov Lozan Stefanov Executive Director

As co-founder and executive director of Onboard, Lozan plays a central role in establishing and developing the company’s structure and business processes since the idea was born. He serves as the chief administrative and financial executive, bringing a wealth of knowledge in business administration, sales and change management that spans over 30 years across different continents and industries. 

Lozan’s remarkable entrepreneurship and leadership by example have kept him at the forefront of technological and social innovation. In his work, he applies the unique combination of international experience in high voltage engineering together with marketing & sales management for services and goods. His proven expertise and authority in all aspects of B2B sales bring a distinct advantage to Onboard and our clients.

Along with an impressive career in international high tension engineering, Lozan holds a record as a winning member of the Bulgarian water-polo team and is founder and President of the Bulgarian Roller Skating Federation. He speaks Bulgarian, English and Russian. In his free time, Lozan enjoys swimming and snowboarding, and fosters an ardent passion for tennis. 


Donka Kostova Donka Kostova Chief Financial Officer

Donka Kostova joined Onboard in 2008 and serves as the company's financial executive. She works closely with our President and COO to maintain and boost our company's financial health. Donka’s extensive accounting management experience and finance credentials are reflected in her meticulous planning and execution of our business operations. She participates in all strategic and tactical decisions that relate to funding, budget management, cost analysis and forecasting. 

Prior to joining Onboard, Donka worked at Auto Motor Corporation, Citroën and BM Leasing . She holds an MA in accounting and audit from Svishtov, Business Academy. With a solid record in cost-effective finance management and an impeccable budget sensitivity, she heads our international finance and accounting in Bulgarian and English. Donka is fond of folklore dancing and travels in her free time.

Carol Poon Carol Poon Operations Manager

Carol Poon joined Onboard in 2012 in the role of operations manager at our Singapore office. She is responsible for the full spectrum of office and team management locally such as channel sales supervision, staff training and accounting. She also serves as client liaison, where she rigorously applies her insight into effective project organization & management.  

After an impressive career in the banking industry of over a decade, and prior to joining Onboard, Carol served as senior administrative executive and financial consultant for a number of global companies in the tech and proprietary business, where she lead units and teams of up to 800 employees.

Along with an extraordinary record of successful project implementation across the APAC and EMEA regions, Carol sports a long list of continuous education and training activities following her graduation from Balestier Hill Technical School, Singapore.

Her passion for languages and traveling are an integral part of her work, which she approaches with remarkable cultural awareness and engagement to the benefit of clients, colleagues and partners alike. Carol works in English and Mandarin, as well as Teochew, Hokkien, Cantonese.

Teodor Veselinov Teodor Veselinov Chief Operations Officer

In his role as chief operations officer, Teodor is responsible for the smooth execution of overall operations, HR issues and project management supervision at Onboard. He joined the company in 2007 and has since then unfolded his tactical and strategic talents in numerous projects boosting results for Onboard and our clients. 

Previously, Teodor was closely involved in outbound sales and data services for Onboard. In the past five years, Teodor has lead successfully all project and staff operations for Alcatel-Lucent for the EMEA and APAC regions. A champion of change, he adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards in fulfilling his current role.  

Teodor has been an English and Maths teacher after obtaining his MA in Business Administration from Sofia University. He works in English and Bulgarian. Apart from his work, Teodor is passionate about travelling and Nissan.

Iani Simeonov Iani Simeonov Recruitment Manager

With the company from 2004, Iani has applied his solid governance and sales experience, to our internal processes organisation, training & development and client campaigns. He focuses on business development and strategic planning, and serves as an executive client liaison on a number of projects. His tested expertise has lead to the successful  worldwide and local implementation of projects for Intel, Sony, Toshiba, Microsoft and Alcatel-Lucent, amongst others. 

Prior to joining Onboard, Iani applied his versatile personality in the roles of sales and managing director of production, import and export companies, while perfecting his knowledge of trade and digital marketing. Apart from his devotion to training & development, he contributes to PR and team-building.

Iani works in English, Bulgarian, Russian, Czech and Greek. Married, with a son and two daughters, he finds inspiration in swimming and football, as well as nature walks and literature.

Alexander Stefanov Alexander Stefanov CEO

As co-founder and CEO of Onboard, Alexander has been involved in all company projects since 2004.  Currently, he is responsible for the key services in our regional hubs (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America) providing strategy, management and leadership for the extensive service offerings to our clients. Alexander’s experience in the industry has been an integral part of heading teams of sales, management and IT professionals from 38 countries speaking over 45 languages.

For the last 15 years, Alexander has focused on helping international clients drive global sales and increase new market presence successfully. He has extensive experience in channel development, lead & demand generation, compliance audits, program design & implementation for several telecommunications market leaders including Alcatel-Lucent, Intel, Telecom Slovenia, Microsoft and Salesforce.com.

Alexander's solid international and professional experience have been a strong asset in his multi-field, -culture and -industry involvement. He holds degrees from Université Paris Sorbonne (Paris IV) and Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main. Alexander works in English, French, German and Bulgarian and cultivates a passion for contemporary art and innovation from modern media to renewable energy.