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What is the Cost of Outsourced Sales?

Growing and sustaining a business with an outsourced sales team is based on a value-metric model that works for you.

OnboardCRM Sales

After 20+ years in B2B sales, we calculate our pricing starting from the client objectives.
If we can meet your objectives and foresee a good business fit, we will outline prospective outcomes that will determine the pricing.

Our solutions packages are fully-loaded,
scalable, and per-project-designed.

Outsourced Sales FAQs

We aim at a recruitment, staffing and program roll-out within 8 weeks on average, depending on the project complexity and the required tech stack.

  • Seniority level of rep
  • Specific rep qualifications
  • Management requirements
  • Language requirements
  • Location
  • Duration
  • Date of project launch
  • Client sales model
  • Travel requirements

After a set of initial strategic meetings we will outline an agreed upon course of action within a statement of work that will determine the project objectives and terms of collaboration.

Project launch checklist:

  1. Recruitment and Staffing
  2. Training
  3. Sales Operations and Integration
  4. Technology
  5. Marketing Campaigns
  6. Reporting Principles
  7. Facilities & Security

Onboard’s fully-loaded cost is the full hourly cost to employ a rep for the hours he/she works, which includes wages and additional costs. Taxes, benefits, background checks, supplies, technology stack, and all relative costs for headcount dedicated to each client program are a part of the pricing structure.  It also takes into account support costs such as training, accounting, IT, HR, executive support, operations, facilities, etc. Onboard offers predictable, flat rate cost, because we use an all-in pricing model.

At OnboardCRM, we hire full-time employees, dedicated to our clients and their brands, who perform duties within a consistent schedule of hours. 

Our dedicated reps cost also includes management. Our services and teams are scalable to meet demand. We provide experienced sales teams, established sales acceleration processes and fluid methodology. Any price difference between OnboardCRM and a traditional call center will stem from the fact that instead of performing basic call center functions, as an execution partner, we provide sales integration, data analytics, forecasting, and activities that cater to the desired results.

We are a sales driven organization that operates with proprietary processes, expert salesforce and tested costing methodology.

We are open to exploring shared risks & rewards models with our clients by engaging in performance-based pricing.

These pricing models are typically base + variable.

  • Base + Variable.  This usually starts with a 90/10 model and shifts over time to greater risk & reward levels.
  • Base + Variable is often used for engagements that have multiple weighted KPIs to consider and incent.


Onboardcrm has engaged with clients in the past on discounts for volume of business and longevity of client tenure.  We seek to provide cost savings whenever possible and strive to deliver a lean and efficient program delivering maximum ROI.