Snip Tips for B2B Channel Partner Sales

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In our channel series Snip Tips for Manufacturing and Industrial Services Sales we offer simple but useful tips that can help you grow top line revenue and keep your channel healthy.

Global technology providers and component manufacturers share similar goals:

1 Acquire and retain more customers

2 Grow top line revenue

3 Sell at low cost


Part 1: Channel Strategy & Support

Channel partner support became increasingly important once the entire sales process shifted to remote operations due to the Covid19 pandemic. This is where vendors adopted concierge services as a principal element of their channel strategy.

Channel partner marketing and sales ask for a precisely thought-out strategy, which is automated with the right technology and executed by teams with a specific set of competencies. Teams that are not just aware of the vendor’s portfolio, but also the specific strengths of the partners themselves.

Any channel manager knows how hard it is to support partners with small marketing teams, who seldom have a lead management process in place and tend to sell competitor products. And yet, in the technology and IT channel…

The partner bears responsibility for successfully selling the vendor portfolio. 

The channel concierge is there to motivate and support the partners with the awareness that they are not vendor employees, who sell a unique portfolio. Oftentimes funding is split between marketing and sales operations and partners fail to adopt funds because of overlapping campaigns, lack of overview and personnel. What partners share with the vendor is revenue, but what is the chance of the partner succeeding without enablement? 

We will look at the kind of focus you should have when designing your channel strategy, the value channel concierge services bring and why marketing and sales in the channel should be synchronized on all organization levels.

Follow us to tap in the discussion around

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Synchronization
  • Partner Recruitment 
  • Partner Enablement
  • Metrics  
  • Targeting
  • Digital Capacity
  • Whose Marketing and Sales?

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