B2B Trends in a COVID-19 Environment

B2B Social Selling

Business development and marketing plans from the beginning of 2020 became obsolete in a short period of time. We saw leading technology companies and B2B organisations adjust their solutions portfolios and sales strategies in response to the global pandemic, where society and economy went from digital by choice to digital by circumstance. As a result, there are clear B2B trends that emerged in a COVID-19 environment. If digital transformation was a predominant trend in the IT and tech channels, now B2B companies helped accelerate this development the world over. What happened in 2020 so far:

B2B marketing in a pandemic environment

Face to face meetings gave way to virtual events, digital marketing and display advertisements like paid search, content and even e-mail marketing.

Brand messaging trends during COVID-19

The majority of B2B brands paused all communication plans in the beginning of lockdown while feeling their way through the dark, but the leaders didn’t mute their digital conversation. Messaging adjusted and the B2B marketers began to speak from the position of support and problem-solving.

Data-driven Account Based Marketing

Remote working conditions marked the end of lump content. B2B organisations have the opportunity to design campaigns for specific offerings per audience. Marketing teams are using the physical slowdown to evaluate client and prospect data to address high propensity target accounts.

E-commerce and B2B sales

Who would have thought that B2B will adopt this sales model to reach clients online? Early research shows that over 20% of global revenue post lockdown comes from online commerce. A clear trend in B2B is forming due to COVID-19.

Traditionally, information technology has been a dynamic sector, but the global epidemic brought about an unprecedented shift to all levels of work from product design to communications and sales. We are partaking in this period of B2B evolution with zest and experience. If you want to evaluate your current marketing and sales model, let’s talk.

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