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channel concierge

Channel concierge programs add incremental value to partner sales. They enable partners to create and implement marketing plans that resonate the latest vendor messages in line with existing campaigns. Whether partners have marketing resources and digital capacity, an experienced channel concierge will prepare a tailor made campaign plan for any account. He will support the partners to execute and optimise it.

Technology channel sales roles are not for any type of sales manager. What makes a good sales person is not necessarily what makes a good channel concierge.  Working with inside sales teams and partner teams is not pure management either. The channel concierge carries yet another skills set. Here are some tips on how to select the concierge for your needs:

Channel partner understanding 

A good channel concierge understands that channel ROI is not an automated result. Sales practices change often with the diverse channel partners. Cloud partners, distributors, consultants and  VARs  run their businesses in different ways. A successful partner concierge has a grasp on revenue goals, targeting and partner incentive programs. What is more, there is a thorough understanding collaboration needs between partner sales and inside sales teams. 

Business judgement

In contrast to a project manager , the channel concierge brings along strong business acumen. They are able to spot new sales trends and technologies that have a direct impact on sales results. The concierges design sales strategy and resolve problems. They are attuned to partner challenges and act as a trusted resources. Finally, they need business judgement to distinguish partners who are truly valuable from those that need more investment. 

Communication skills 

As a rule, good managers have good interpersonal skills and the ability to build and grow productive relationships. The partner concierge also likes to work with different teams to help them collaborate for mutual benefit.

Marketing expertise

Winning channel sales are partly due to successful partner marketing programs. As the partner liaison, the concierge drives partner marketing and sales. The concierge will not only support the channel demand generation efforts, he will also distribute hot leads throughout the channel. What is more, the concierge will keep the sale partners motivated to generate leads. 

If you are investing more than you see in returning channel revenue, it’s worth considering refining your channel sales operations. Using concierge services in combination with outsourced channel sales teams can bring channel ROI to the desired levels. If you want to improve your channel results, get in touch with us to meet our channel concierge team.

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