How to Energize Your B2B Marketing During Lockdown

The way business is run has become quite unusual these days. Workspace and priorities have shifted completely, and marketers have slowed down their standard operations. When events, roadshows and traditional lead generation are made impossible, how do B2B marketing function?

We’ve been working with many B2B marketing teams and here is what we’ve learned about continuous business support that enables companies to stay connected with their customers.

Revamp your services portfolio and your communications.

B2B companies are redesigning their core offerings now. This is why marketers are called upon to support product development and promotion. There is a big possibility that your customer needs have changed drastically and you ought to examine how your current portfolio is answering these needs. This could include extending your free trial, changing service execution or focusing on a different set of solutions altogether.
Meanwhile, don’t forget to align your content to reflect your new portfolio focus. By writing about the current challenges of customers and business partners you’ll be a pillar of knowledge to your industry at large. For example, discuss new skills and technologies that help B2B operations continue.

Brand exposure vs demand generation

Lockdown is certainly not the time for an avid sales push. Enterprises who appear to seek more profit in times of crisis risk losing their reputation. Perhaps you have already slowed down demand generation and lead generation. Maybe you’ve given priority to client support, team and product reorganisation.
What better time to focus on your brand? If you want a working campaign now, make it a brand and content activity in order to keep face with your customers and partners. Even better, make your campaign about supporting your client network and sales channel. Also, if you’re actively supporting your community don’t be shy to tell your audience about it.

Keep your teams connected. Talk to your people.

For the first time in history complete enterprise teams are working remotely. Not surprisingly, businesses discover that they need to pass on important internal communications very carefully. Lines of communication need to function precisely and very quickly. This is a marketing specialty. In other words, marketers should support their organization by all means.
Companies who empathise with the unusual situation of their employees can also motivate them to perform in this period. Internal communications are now essential to keep the morale of your staff.

Get close to your sales teams.

Most marketing departments have slowed down. However, sales teams are pressing ahead. Closing pipeline opportunities is paramount for driving revenue in a stalled economic environment. Clearly, there is a window of opportunity for marketers to improve their relationships with their colleagues in sales. Now is the time to provide sales with high-quality marketing assets. Get creative together.

The sleeping To Do’s

Housekeeping is best done when you don’t have major operations going. Let’s be honest, we all have pending jobs or half-done jobs. Now when some activities are less pressing, marcom people find the time for improving marketing strategy.

  • Website: Has it been optimised lately (SEO)? Also, are you tracking the interactions which reflect your business goals?
  • Lead Nurturing: oftentimes lead management gets bogged down as soon as hot leads come on the horizon. This is how we never work through the entire pipeline. Especially in long sales cycles, we miss out on a lot of good opportunities because of poor nurturing. Now is the time to work through these lists.
  • Content: Is your content bringing you closer to the audience you want to hear you? Decision makers are tired from “more awesome” content that basically translates into loss of time for its creators and remains untouched. It might be time to figure out what should be driving your content and head in the right direction.

Here too you’ll need to prioritise for lack of time again. Notwithstanding, you’ll be glad to have finished a task or two so you can jump in action with a clear slate when the lockdown is over.
If you’d like to try out any of our strategic tips in your company, we’ll be happy to support you and your remote teams. Send us a message!

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