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COVID-19, your enterprise operates in a different reality now. Previously only field sales were done remotely, but for a few weeks telework is the standard … and for an unclear period.

How are your sales operations running? If they were hit by the sudden change of wind, here is how you can give your team the energy it needs to continue remote sales operations.

Help Sales Tell Your Brand’s Story

Your sales reps need to tell more intriguing stories now and it’s hard to help them achieve this without marketing.
It’s always been challenging to get sales and marketing on the same page in producing a consistent brand message. So train your remote sales reps continuously; empower them for customer conversations and prevent them from sharing content that hasn’t been approved by their marketing colleagues.

If you can create interactive learning experiences in a shared online environment, your managers will have a good overview of the training completion team-wide and will be able to secure brand message resonance.

Where’s that presentation?!

Even while in the office, reps keep searching for the occasional case study or presentation. Now is absolutely necessary to get your marketing assets organized. It’s not only about orienting the team: which content is for which step in the sales process, it’s about accessibility.

Enable your people to spend more time selling and less time looking for collaterals. If you’re not using a content management tool yet, now is the time to begin. It will allow your salesforce to access the latest of your brand materials from anywhere at any time. A content management platform will also prevent your teams from using outdated materials.

Continuous education is not only for academics

Sales training is not a one time hit either. Who hasn’t had a laid back rep, who became a top performer after a turning-point training? Your teams need to know you’re equally committed to their success, so they can get out there, learn and achieve in a market that changes by the hour, not even by the day.

So now that you can’t talk to your folks or plan a best-practice exchange afternoon, you need to find the best technology and approach to keep your game going together with all your players. Top priority for a remote sales team is staying focused in the field. This means your sales managers need to oversee individual performance in detail so as to assess what training is needed for each member of your team. Record some calls and make them accessible for all to learn from each other. Points for improvement or winning practices will be discussed.

The Spark of Engagement

Executives today are swimming in oceans of information, which makes the whole process of buying slow and complex. Your team needs to get through the noise of e-mails and cold calls in that overwhelming moment with a different promise.
This is why the remote sales reps need to be able to personalize content quickly, keep conversations original and interactive.

If you’re going to get prospect engagement, you should invest in tools that help organize and distribute content visually. Smart sales operations now run in visually engaging environments, where your reps have quick and smart access to a number of branded sales scenarios. This tactic will enable your team to articulate the amazing value of your offer to spark prospect engagement.

How about buying experience?

Nothing new, the magic word now is digital data. But it is a vast territory. AI and analytics tools now allow your sales teams to detect what content is interesting to buyers and what content is obsolete. Your remote team can personalize communications and adjust messaging to match buyer needs and behavior. Yes, data on email opens, page views downloads, etc. can shorten the sales cycle and improve the buyer experience.

B2B buyers make purchases based on experience, before they look at price and product details. So help your remote salesforce provide exceptional experiences.

Remote work is not a completely new experience for most companies, but now that all operations are banned from the office you need to rethink how to discuss sales objectives, strategy and results. Set up remote training, report sharing, asset library and visually engaging meeting environments to keep up your game.

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