If Your Online Lead Generation Grinds On… Smooth Out Your Customer Journey

Online lead generation follows website visitors filling out forms – generally
on your landing page. The number of factors that can prevent this from happening is vast – technical hitches, pricing, page layout … even a phone ringing! You, as a marketer, want to make your customer journey as smooth as possible. This involves removing any disturbances or confusion on the road to conversion.

Here are five steps towards smoothing out customer journeys.

Put Just One CTA on Landing Pages and in Emails:

Your Landing Page is there to guide customers towards one specific purchase. Emails should also focus around communicating the value of one offer rather than two or more. Don’t litter your communications with other offers or advertising: first, it will distract your customers from purchasing and second, it can give them a reason to look elsewhere.

Place Landing Page Forms Near The Top:

Don’t make your visitors scroll down to reach your form. The form must be fully in sight and illustrate the offer being provided is only available by filling out the form. Hiding information off-screen will only confuse and annoy your visitor- the exact opposite of what you want!

Make Sure The CTAs Optimal:

Landing pages shouldn’t be the only places for converting visitor interest. We marketers need to ensure our websites and blogs are optimal for conversion, too. That means putting pertinent calls-to-action on your web pages, blog, and within articles for the best results. Keep just one CTA on your landing page but anywhere else is fair game. After all, CTAs exist to move your visitor towards a purchase. Make sure the language and tone of those CTAs correspond with the content you’ve placed them in to smooth your customers towards a purchase.

Offer Clear Actions:

Direct visitors precisely as to what to do with clear instructions everywhere: on your landing pages, in your CTAs, on ‘submit’ buttons or in your emails. Leave no doubt as to what they need to do, e.g. “Take this quick 5-minute survey” or “Register Now”.

Make it Easy:

Basically, don’t put things in the way of your visitors receiving your offer. Simplify the language and your requirements of your visitor to smooth out any snags. Step into their shoes: if you wouldn’t give your details or even be able to get as far as your landing page to do so, your prospects almost certainly wouldn’t either.



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