Outsourced Sales: Why and How

In a very dynamic market, even the most successful B2B sales teams can run out of ideas on how to keep the process vigorous and effective. Sales are becoming ever more complex – not just because of the multiple steps to establishing steady contact, but also because of the decision processes period and the constantly changing market climate.

IT and Tech sales departments are requiring more expert knowledge and more layered and thoroughly managed interaction. They are also fulfilling more functions. This is making enterprises look towards outsourcing parts of the sales processes and teams to increase their own sales capacity.

The bottom line is that, whether you are modernising, enlarging or only just establishing your sales operations, outsourcing can be both more efficient and more productive.

The Hidden Costs of In-House Sales

At first glance, the cost of keeping your sales process in-house just consists of employment expenses. However, each member of your sales team needs continuous training. Add to this the large overhead in the required technology per agent, plus the administration and the true cost already starts rising.

Market expansion

Growing market share almost indefinitely involves staffing. Recruitment and induction, advertising, management, background checking and screening (the list goes on!) all incur further costs. Outsourcing your sales gives you fully productive sales staff quickly. It also gives you faster and scalable access to qualified staff.

Staff Benefits

Outsourcing sales not only saves on recruitment; it saves on all the costs incurred in employing the same staff. Not only does this include basic pay but also employer taxes and benefits in kind. In the U.S., this amounts to 37.7% of total compensation (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

  • Overheads – We’ve already looked at the direct cost of taking on sales staff but there are additional management costs arising from having an in-house sales team. There are processes to be developed and implemented, technology to be purchased, put in place, as well as training in all these to be done. Relying on an external team takes away much pressure while it delivers results.
  • Location – Hosting your entire sales team in a major urban centre isn’t the standard anymore. But can you open offices globally? Having access to diverse staff worldwide is a synonym of success. Your reps would be working in real time, in local languages to deliver towards common goals. Outsourcing your sales team eliminates the problem, potentially cutting costs.

Select an Outsourcing Provider that Will Generate Revenue

We’ve looked at the savings opportunities outsourcing gives, but the reason technology companies outsource their sales is to accelerate revenue growth. Your in-house sales team can now be made more productive with external support all the while you can expect incremental sales results.

Of course, outsourcing will only be as effective as those services your provider offers are. This is why it is imperative to spend time on selecting the right sales partner for you. Keep this in mind:

Clear Business needs – Before outsourcing some of your business needs, it is important to clearly define what you want to achieve and how you want the provider to meet these needs.

Credibility and Experience – You don’t want an outsourcing provider who have only sold consumer goods to sell telecom solutions. When doing a background check on the potential partners, make sure they have a proven track record in your industry, your size company and scope of operations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Cases and References – The best way to test the quality of the offer is to find out if it has achieved customer expectations previously. Asking for past or current client references is paramount.

Processes, Technology, Infrastructure, Reporting – Test and inquire more than once about the lines of communication, teams management structures, training continuity, reporting frequency and of course remote collaboration readiness. Ensure that the provider adheres to international business standards of services and privacy policies.

To find out how to put this into reality for your organisation, contact our team today!

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