SALESFORCE.COM: 50 Facts You May Not Know (PART 5)

Forbes voted the “World’s Most Innovative Company” 4 times in a row, and again in 2017. We’ve been in the CRM business for over 15 years and have hardly come across a more versatile customer management tool. It’s the #1 platform for companies in the high tech, retail and pharmaceuticals sectors to name a few.

In a series of 7  infographics, we’re introducing 50 facts about Salesforce that explain why Salesforce is so great to work with.

  • Part 1: Salesforce The History
  • Part 2: The Growth of Salesforce
  • Part 3: The Salesforce Ecosystem
  • Part 4: Working With Salesforce
  • Part 5: Ohana
  • Part 6: Using Salesforce
  • Part 7: Salesforce’s Impact on Its Customers

It’s the CRM everyone knows. Here is why:

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