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Score Your Leads – Sales Know Why


Time = Money

Everybody knows this, yet many businesses keep making the surprising sales decisions. What is worse, they misplace the focus  of their sales teams, which influences their bottom line. Why’s that?

Businesses need to make sure that their business development reps aren’t wasting time on leads that won’t turn into money, so setting up a lead scoring system is extremely important. A lead reaching a decided threshold between marketing and sales’ predetermined parameters gets automatically assigned to the sales team and it means more often than not a sure touchdown.

Deciding on a threshold might seem obvious but, in fact, 46% of B2B marketers have NOT set up a lead scoring threshold that will automatically alert or route leads to sales.

Here is one way to do it:

Assigning negative scores for certain actions will benefit you a lot (refer to the graphic above).

Lead Qualification Considerations

Organization level: Basic questions like whether or not the lead fits into the buyer profiles you have set up.
Opportunity level: It is critical to set these questions correctly. You need to be asking:

Stakeholder level: All BANT (budget, authority, need, and time) related questions.

If your lead has the budget and authority to make the purchase, and needs your product as well as the time to shop around…
then you’re in business!

You should now be aware of when to tell your salesperson that a lead is sales qualified.

If your leads are qualified properly – and strategically – your problems go away. You don’t sell to people who don’t want to buy: the sales team is therefore happy because they can seal more deals, marketing team gets the feeling of satisfaction that their qualified leads were approached correctly and most importantly, customers feel understood.

If you need assistance with structuring your lead generation efforts, we’ll be happy to connect. We never say no to a challenge. 

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