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Why Inside and Field Sales Ought to be in Sync

Inside sales are gaining ground over field sales, as technology companies look at novel ways to accelerate wins. explored three aspects of the sales process: Structure, Systems, and Process and published a report on “the State of Sales” where they explain why inside sales is on its way up.

The Facts

In the past two years remote selling increased to over 30% of the sales mix but companies aim for an inside sales allocation of 40.3% on average or higher.

Going to set appointments to meet warm leads, the field sales reps experience less blocks to closing deals.

Another effective strategy was to rely on channel partners to bring in businesses for as much as 49.4% in 2017.

So instead of keeping up with the idea that field and inside sales work contrary to one another, in successful companies these teams work in close cooperation, taking the best advantage of what each offer. Technology and automation are moving into face-to-face communication from the realm of inside sales, enabling efficiency and faster sales processes.

Boundaries between Inside and Outside Sales Continue to Disappear

Since 2017 and 2018, inside and field sales are undergoing a process of osmosis. From data derived from censuses in 2017, of the 5.7 million non-retail U.S. salespeople, the split between inside sales professionals and field sales reps was estimated to be 43.5% to 56.5%. As we might expect, that proportion is shifting gradually towards 50:50.

Companies say that outside sales reps sell remotely nearly half their time (45.4%), almost doubling the proportion from 2013.

Technology continues to accelerate sales conversations. The average account executive, in 2017, had 11.9 meaningful conversations a day.

Sales is not only charisma or pure chance: reps get up to speed faster and start contributing to the sales process the more structure, support, and systems their organizations can provide. Inside and Field Sales book best results together. Winning organizations have come to understand this.



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