Why Sales People Should Participate in Advocacy Programs

sales people for advocacy programs

The reason tech companies implement advocacy programs is to make the life of their sales teams easier. Supporting sales immediately boosts the pipeline and sales figures.

Your business development team is the face of your organization. They are the ones meeting your clients and keeping them engaged and loyal. They can appreciate the added value of having access to a library of references that they can use to showcase closed deals with satisfied clients when they are pitching new projects. And this is where the challenge emerges.

Case studies and testimonials do not self populate. They come from the sales people themselves. But you need an avalanche effect and it’s led by example. The moment sales reps see a colleague of theirs presenting a recently won deal thanks to using a great reference they will adopt the idea of leveraging such valuable assets. Rewarding reps who fill in customer references that build case studies is a great way to showcase the importance and added value of creating advocacy materials. Encourage your best salespeople to record and share their success so that it becomes your company success. If you get your sales people to participate in advocacy programs you will the change.

The way business is run is changing rapidly. So is your portfolio. So are your customers. A reference that was great 2 years ago might end up being obsolete today. Once you get the ball rolling, it is crucial you keep the energy flowing. Sales, your most valuable contributors should be motivated. Otherwise you will end up having a library nobody goes to.

We, at Onboard, know how to keep the vigor not only during the CRP set up, but moving forward as well. If you want to know more and get a tour around our services, feel free to go get in touch with us.

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