Customer Advocacy and Support During COVID-19

2020 marked dramatic changes in B2B. As COVID-19 continues to shape market relationships, companies are reorganizing their Customer Advocacy teams to secure Customer Success to make sure client relationships are steady. 

If you don’t already have a Customer Advocacy Program in place, you might want to consider one now, but you must add focus. The Customer Advocacy Team ought to have Customer Success as a goal. The advocacy team is not a support team, waiting to react on incoming calls. Instead, they reach out to clients proactively to inquire about satisfaction levels, services improvement and support. This automatically helps to maintain a healthy customer relationship, while at the same time provides your sales team with cases. 

In times of crisis, the Customer Advocacy team can make the difference for you and your clients. Reaching out to offer guidance, support and flexible services can be a game-changer, reduce loss and secure revenue. A few points to consider: 

Project Review

Six months into the pandemic, global enterprises operate entirely remotely. However, don’t think that all your clients are experiencing seamless operations. Some of the key performance indicators, projections, and goals may have shifted. Try to assess the impact of the epidemic on your client businesses and work with them to review priorities and forecast. 

How You Can Help

If the Customer Advocacy team contacted customers about satisfaction with services before, now priority goes to customer success. Your agents ought to focus on providing clients with reassurance and resources, as well as understanding their pain points.

Provide a simple and clear message about the actions you are taking, and the possible impact on your clients projects. Every vendor will be sending a message, but having a support team in the front lines will boost customer loyalty. 

Proactive Solutions

Customer Advocacy and Success translates into proactive work. You should think along the lines of offering solutions before clients ask for them. Anything you can offer now to alleviate operations strain from your client’s business will help your retention goals. Here are some ides:

  • Push deadlines: project on-boarding and pilot programs are likely to be off track, so extending periods will ease your clients and your teams. Consider offering longer service trials as well.  
  • Add-ons: When you show your clients that you want to add value to the service they receive, you’re on the right track. It’s not only about giving a free add-on, it actually gives you a chance to introduce a new solution format that may become a future upgrade. 
  • Pause: If customers have had to cut budget to avoid loss, you might offer them a service pause until business is back to normal. 
  • Extend terms: If you are able to extend the terms of client contracts, they are very likely to stay with you when they get back on track.

Outsourcing Customer Advocacy & Success work can be great support to your operations, marketing and sales teams.

In times of crisis, the advocacy team is on the front lines to face customer questions and  offer support. When the going gets tough is when your clients will need the most help. A customer advocacy and success team is bound to build loyalty. Contact us, if you’re curious to find out more. 

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