Customer Satisfaction: Snip Tips for B2B Channel Partner Sales

channel partner sales

In our channel series Snip Tips for Manufacturing and Industrial Services Sales we offer simple but useful tips that can help you grow top line revenue and keep your channel healthy.

Your channel strategy should focus on satisfying your customers together with your partners.

Technology architecture, packaging and post-sales services are designed to provide customers with the maximum value possible. Your channel sales strategy would naturally aim at maximum customer satisfaction.

Do you know when and how your customers buy?

The winning channel sales strategy starts by understanding customer needs and location. Knowing your audience dictates your choice of partners in terms of size and number for specific markets. 

Some customers prefer to buy directly from the vendor, even if located in a different continent, while others prefer to contact a local partner who speaks their language and understands the regional business etiquette. So organize your partner tiers following your customers’ preferences, because they buy the value of using your product, including services, complementary support and upgrades. 

Your partner selection should reflect the diverse customer journeys. Some partners sell, install and upgrade your entire portfolio, while others will function only as product specialists with limited services. Your strategy will be highly dependent on the complexity of the portfolio your partners offer, market size, regional regulations and other .


  • Design your channel for the benefit of your end-customers, not just the ease of use for your partners.
  •  Select your partners according to your segment buying preferences. 
  •  Be flexible to create different partner programs since markets vary by product and region, and provide the right kind of partner support where needed.

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