Inside Sales After COVID-19: B2B Sales Transformation

COVID-19 influenced the B2B buyer journey dramatically. As a response to the lockdown, B2B sellers reevaluated their customer interactions. In a short period of time, they went from a direct sales model to a hybrid sales model. Undoubtedly, inside sales were already on the rise, but we are not looking at a 40:60 ratio anymore… B2B sales are entirely remote now. 

Global sales executives continue to adapt to a quick-sands-market, while waiting for the new “normal” to crystalize. Among other B2B sales trends that emerged during lockdown is the fact that more than 95% of technology companies moved to remote selling. 

Covid-19 actually helped companies discover that much of the sales process can be executed remotely at a lower cost with greater efficiency and effect. Inside sales reps and field reps have a history of working together. And while meetings on site are irreplaceable, a large part of the sales process runs equally well from a distance. 

Inside sales do not translate into telemarketing

For decades now companies have sold over-the-phone. Who has not been interrupted during dinner with a commodity sales offer? Telemarketing is almost always scripted, it sells mostly low-ticket items and seldom involves follow-up. So one call makes or breaks the deal. 

In contrast, inside sales offer primarily high ticket B2B portfolios. And even if inside sales reps use product-specific talking points, they are high performing sales agents with strong business acumen. Inside sales cost more than telemarketing, but are not as costly as direct sales. 

Inside sales vs Direct sales

Did you know that for every outside sales rep, there are 15 inside sales reps hired as of late. The benefits of relying on inside sales operations are exhaustive but here is a quick list: 

More cost-effective

Even without using dialing technology, inside sales reps can dial more leads, connect with more decision makers and take far more meetings in a single day than outside sales reps. As a result, inside sales reps are carrying increasingly larger quotas. In addition, an outside sales interaction costs 6 times more than an inside sales interaction. 

Customers Preference 

Recent studies have shown that 70% of decision makers don’t want face to face meetings. They actually make deals that have started from an e-mail or a cold-call.

Sophisticated collaboration

Because B2B sales deals translate into a number of touch-points with more than one decision maker, inside sales reps are very well equipped with sales acceleration technology and are extremely versatile in CRM use.

Tools that increase productivity

For the enterprises who have not yet leveraged sales acceleration technology, it’s time to think of adding firepower to your sales stack. There is a direct correlation between the number of calls an inside sales rep achieves a day and the attained quota. 

If you’re considering a shift in your B2B sales model, our experts will be happy to explore all avenues to sales expense optimization and revenue growth together with you. Contact us today!

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